The VS. Book Of Fandoms

The VS. Book Of Fandoms

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Mae Esther By TheCrystalBlue Updated Aug 01, 2016

(THIS BOOK WAS PREVIOUSLY: Why Harry Potter is OBVIOUSLY Better Than Twilight)

         Watch epic battles go down between Fandoms and Fandom Characters! Like: Magnus Bane VS. Dumbledore, Percy Jackson VS. Harry Potter, Annabeth Chase VS. Hermione Granger, Bella Swan VS. Ginny Weasley (Okay, maybe that one won't be so epic...) 

   I'll take your opinions and arguments and well as put in mine, and if your arguments are really great but oppose mine, I will put in in Debate Form, after PM'ing you. I hope you enjoy this piece of friendly competition between fandoms, I really feel like this story/thing/competition has potential! 

   P.S: I know that the cover isn't entirely symmetrical, this was on purpose. It's purpose is to show that Fandoms are slightly (that might be an understatement) off kilter in terms of sanity.

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tonkshp tonkshp Apr 04, 2017
Jingle bells
                              Twilight smells
                              Edward ran away
                              Bella died* 
                              Jacob cried
                              Potter all the way🖖⚡
howtosavealife45 howtosavealife45 Dec 20, 2017
And she is the most blandest character ever! he isn't a character!
ravenclawLUNA21168 ravenclawLUNA21168 Sep 29, 2017
Okkkk  well let the ravenclaw shed some light on this  mystery: HARRY POTTER RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Twilight is shitty writing. Even I write better than that. Honestly.
QuillbeNimble QuillbeNimble Apr 22, 2016
I am a dedicated Potter Head, but everyone is allowed to have their own opinion, and just because it differs from yours does not mean they are dumb, stupid or anything else. Racism, sexism, (and a lot of other isms) were formed on the idea that anything different is bad, or weak.
-FatimaK- -FatimaK- May 29, 2016
hey, someone trying to commit suicide doesn't mean they're weak.
NightJinx99 NightJinx99 Oct 16, 2016
Don't forget her race is never stated in the books so if someone wants to imagine her as a POC that's totally legitimate and has no effect on the story line while still bringing in a POC character. And she was involved in charity work. Let's go S.P.E.W. !