Secret Lover || Exo Baekhyun fanfic

Secret Lover || Exo Baekhyun fanfic

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Author By hwaneyst Completed

When a girl met her childhood friend and suddenly get to know his colleagues, something happened that made them hate each other. Han Eunmi used to not hate him but Byun Baekhyun hated her cause he thinks she's fake.

Day by day had passed and they proved that their hatreds could never stay any longer. It changes to friendship but that's not it. Something bad happened again and Baekhyun started to hate her all over again for betraying him.

Will this story end in a happily ever after kind of story or not?

    Aeris_Fr Aeris_Fr Jul 31
    As a starter,, i found the first chapter a bit interesting and it do make me wanna know more wht happen to them and congratulation.. Cause its not very cliche.. Its good..
    -xpapibaek- -xpapibaek- Jul 02
    ok lIstEn hErE BoI 
                                  u mIgHt bE mY BiAd BUt no nEeD tO gET RuDe Smh
    turkeye1 turkeye1 Aug 08
    Hyorin from sistar?! She's from my favourite girl group, I miss sistar, they already dusbanded😫😫😭😭😭😭😣😔
    overdosedlaynicorn overdosedlaynicorn Nov 25, 2016
    Baek ah, you just said she doesn't know exo so she can't be a saesung😂
    I don't feel like a real fan when I ask this but I never know what that mean
    Dubhkirby_ Dubhkirby_ Jan 21
                                  Wait a second did I just admit I watched that show when I was younger -_-