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Lifeless (diabolik lover's fanfic)

Lifeless (diabolik lover's fanfic)

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Bwi By Ze_AwesOme_K-POPPER_ Updated May 24, 2016

Name:Delori Aisha
Race:(that's for you to know in the story)
Blood type:AB
Apearance:Black hair up to her back, black lifeless orb's, hour glass body, b-cup breast's
Personality:Lifeless, emotionless when talking, alway's keeping up a straight, has good manner's, throw's a tantrum when she remeber's her past, strong physically and mentally and quiet
Like's:Music, playing instrument's (piano, violin and guitar), singing, reading silently and dancing ballet.
Dislike's:Remembering her past, noisy people's, people's that is calling her unpleasant name's and something's or someone related to her past
More information's:Aisha is a well mannered girl and also a quiet girl, she doesn't believe in love (due to her past), the reason she like's singing is that because she alway's pour her emotion's in the song, she like's ballet because she admire of being able to be as graceful as the step in the dance and it also serve distraction's for her. She'll only entrust you her past ...

Sorry to interrupt but does she have trouble waking up? Kyoya Ootari and Honey
DiabluLu DiabluLu Sep 27, 2016
Yosh! Just the right book I've been looking for :D Amazing OC and I think the plot is going to be great!
Just to let you know, you don't have to put a apostrophe after every s (don't mean to be rude)
                              Great protagonist! Very interesting
KittyCatMagic KittyCatMagic Nov 18, 2016
It should be grammar not "grammar's"  as that would imply ownership. (sorry if this sounds rude)
Ze_AwesOme_K-POPPER_ Ze_AwesOme_K-POPPER_ Jul 24, 2015
hehe, ok I'll work on the story as soon as possible, right now I'm thinking of the next chapter so, yeah ok. :)