Sleeping with my Best Friend?

Sleeping with my Best Friend?

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KAY🖤 By Phoenix_247 Updated 5 days ago

I woke up to the sun blinding my eyes through the shades. I groaned and turned over as I was face to face with black haired best friend's sleeping figure. I sat up and looked around the room to realize I was in a strangers room.....and I was naked. 

I screamed which caused my best friend Lia to wake up. I always known Lia was a lesbian and she would occasionally flirt with me but she has never made a move on me.

Did I just sleep with my best friend?

backwardduck backwardduck 5 days ago
is that Nate from Bittersweet Friendship? poor guy is always getting his girls took. And he's not even a bad dude,smh.
iIGlyphIi iIGlyphIi Sep 14
Dyke?, Hmm.... Nathan, I'm gonna give you a head start in 3.....2..... 💨
I love watching female volleyball games, they have the best bodies.
iIGlyphIi iIGlyphIi Sep 14
Why isn't there a tea sipping emoji?!!! 🍵😏 that will have to do
Let's just notice how.... He didn't say it back bitch turn around and go find lia
Cormdawg Cormdawg Sep 10
Hoe defend your best friend better I'm disappointed. If someone did this to me, I'd curb stomp their face and make them take it back.