Mr. Waters

Mr. Waters

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Amelia Garcia - nineteen years old, kindhearted, beautiful, loving, and well-known babysitter. 

Dynzel Waters - twenty-three years old, beyond handsome, quite the charmer, sweetheart, and father of his five year old daughter, Rosalie.

Since Mr. Dynzel Waters is the CEO of his father's million dollar company, he is a pretty busy man and doesn't have the time to take care of his daughter. So, he decided to hire a babysitter and why not hire the best babysitter in the business? 

Kids adore Amelia and parents always recommend her. When she starts working for Dynzel, she couldn't help the lustful thoughts she has of him whenever he's around or not. He's such a handsome man that any woman would want to be with him. Soon enough, Dynzel starts to feel the same towards her. 

Love and lust collide between the two and feelings get deeper.

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He cute and all but I cant see him in this story imma picture as chris brown or sumin
That's my MF show see kids now-a-days missing out on the old Disney channel
Who else thought of josh from girl meets world ? Hes going to NYU
ShaniceRoyce ShaniceRoyce Jul 25, 2016
😭😭😂😂Girl Idk what U talking bout. Not all of them tho you have search to fine the good looking ones. Trust me on this I snatch one up myself Lol.but for real tho they ain't all that here in Jamaica cause all them mfs bleaching their skin and they ugly asf.
yourfavbish yourfavbish Apr 28, 2016
Amelia looks hella thick girl😩😭
                              Why do I have to be medium sized?
BaeRepsince99 BaeRepsince99 May 29, 2016
Papi Howard is cute and all but he can be SOOO annoying at times with his thirst traps 😑😑