Can't Feel My Face ➸ Larry Stylinson AU

Can't Feel My Face ➸ Larry Stylinson AU

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Gerri Smoke By Gerrixoxo Completed

"I'm not gay!" I yelled to the paparazzi as they surrounded my black dodge charger.

"Come on Harry, we've seen the pictures!" A paparazzi guy shouted.

"That faggot kissed me!" I yelled back before honking the car horn.

They can't know, i'll be seen as weak and i can't have that.. not now... not when my biggest fight is coming up.

None of these people realize they could've commented on the previous paragraph 😂😂
I got told I look like Cara once and I was straight up like TF THATS DISRESPECTFUL TO CARA!! IM AN UGLY TRASH CAN
Nope. I'm pronouncing it Sel-een. Its sounds weird the other way
                              lie I said before, I dare u to delete this...
Its a bit of an odd name. I would have a said as it I read it.. Sel-een.
liorahoran liorahoran Nov 20
At first I was like you asking him for sex? And then I was like hold dafuq up lol