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Paige/Paper By serendipitousp Completed

The corners of his lips turn upward. Mine follow.

"You're foul," Sebastian says.

"You're disgusting," I reply with a smile.

"Absolutely appalling."

"Positively repulsive."

"I couldn't stand to be alone in the same room with you." He locks the door. We're mere centimeters apart.

"I could claw your eyes out right now."

Sebastian x Ciel Highschool AU

Devil_From_Heaven Devil_From_Heaven Nov 27, 2016
omfg. senpai, teach me your ways. although they are probably useless without good looks.
ShawniesMuffin_Hoe ShawniesMuffin_Hoe Sep 17, 2016
In apart of the FCA club it's pretty fun. I mean I believe in God and Jesus but I barely go to church
SABAKU335 SABAKU335 Jan 13
Look im going to break it to u easly U. Can't .Break .Ciel .Phantomhiv!!
Someone call Levi, the walls have been broken, I repeat 4th wall is broken...
byoml678 byoml678 Sep 08, 2016
*hugs my precious baby boy,Alois while crying*
                              My're alive. Mama Wolf will protect you.
                              *cradles him*
I'm usually silent.But,for the love of the God,if you DARE to make Ciel sad,I'm going to break your everything and then I'm going to torture you till the time when you'll not be able to make the difference between pain and not pain.