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Paige/Paper By serendipitousp Updated Mar 28

The corners of his lips turn upward. Mine follow.

"You're foul," Sebastian says.

"You're disgusting," I reply with a smile.

"Absolutely appalling."

"Positively repulsive."

"I couldn't stand to be alone in the same room with you." He locks the door. We're mere centimeters apart.

"I could claw your eyes out right now."

Sebastian x Ciel Highschool AU

God damn it I JUST FIXED THAT WALL! Jeez I gotta do everything.....*grabs toolbox*
Make my baby sad and I'll end you! Simple, right? *innocent smile*
So don't lie to me brother 
                              Ciel: I'm not lying 
                              Me: lies I'm your sister I can tell when you lie 
                              Ciel: Whatever .
                              Me: DON'T MAKE ME SLAP YOU BRO
FCA she needs to quit she is dating a demon. 
                              YEAH ALOIS AND CIEL ARE FRIENDS
Ok, was that a burn or true fact . Probably a true fact but Sebastian is a meanie! XD
Alois, baby, poptart, I love you but that was a stupid move to comfort this douchebag