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Indigo J. By IndigoJewl Completed

"Adrian she's human!"
  "Shit," he swore as he held his now unconscious mate.
  Aria Amarella Sakujina, she never intended to be boyfriendless for the past eighteen years of her life. 
  She quite frankly hated it, she knew that she didn't wear the most flattering things, and she was told by the guys themselves that her intelligence was intimidating. 
  Thus, making her completely unapproachable. 
  Aria considered changing but thought if a guy really wanted her, he'd like her for her... Right?
  Adrian Oliver Stone, future Alpha of the Moonstone pack. He turned eighteen over the Summer and didn't find his mate. He watched his friends a little agitated that they found theirs almost instantly.
  When the summer's nearly over, his Dad finally tells him that they will be allying with another pack and that they'll all be moving to a different city. 
  Adrian impatient as always had no objections, hoping to find his other half.
  "What am I gonna do! She probably thinks that I'm a creep!"
  "Well, you did sorta chase her down the hallway."
  "Not the time Nick." He growled out.
  (Swear/Cuss Words)

Living in Oregon all of your life makes you realize how amazing it is ✌🏻
Finally a werewolf story where they don't discriminate between boy and girl for the position of being Alpha
                              At least he's faithful enough to actually WAIT FOR HIS MATE
This reminded me of descendants because it rhyme with Auredon (I think it's rhymes and I don't know if I spelt that correctly.)
Literally my mom the day I turned 15 starting to talk about having grandkids
Cathanic Cathanic Mar 31
I like to imagine story characters as anime so I'm dying laughing right now 😂😂😂