Zodiac Signs

Zodiac Signs

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\(*0*)/ By NinjaFishies Updated Jul 17, 2015

Just a fun Zodiac Sign Book!

I will say whether or not I have made the chapter or if it was found on Tumblr!

I'm a Capricorn.
Always taking requests. ^_^

JazmynPlayz JazmynPlayz May 11
All four are wrong for me, I'm shy, definitely not philosophical, don't know what motion means and yeah.
                              I went to McDonalds the other day, and The cashier was so freaking HOT. I FELT SOMETHIN AND IM WORKIN ON IT
Sauropsida Sauropsida May 11, 2016
Am I the only Cancer that doesn't enjoy physical contact, and only falls for people if I've known them for years, trust them, and Like them?
LilyLove922 LilyLove922 May 09, 2016
Ugh, the amount of trueness. I crushed on so many guys because they were nice and not because of looks. Srsly, stop me from falling so easily I mean, they've only spoken to me once and then BAM. good luck.