Together We Go | Stiles Stilinski / Teen Wolf

Together We Go | Stiles Stilinski / Teen Wolf

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At first, much hasn't really changed except for the fact that Adreana's finally getting the hang of her powers and that her group of friends are suffering from severe loss. 

That is until a new threat arrives. 

You thought they've been through it all; you know, with the whole alpha pack and Nogitsune possession thing. You thought wrong. 

Now, danger's come again and the pack is left wondering how they'll be able to fix it all in such a short amount of time. There's new villains, old villains, and new pack members, which they all welcome with not so open arms. 

Not only that, but Adreana gets clued in little by little about her grandmother in a horrifying way, but it may lead to some answers.

It's up to the pack to decide their fate. 

[BOOK 2]

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