Keeping You Forever [sequel to Can I Keep You?]

Keeping You Forever [sequel to Can I Keep You?]

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ㆁ Suga.Hobiㆁ By Narrybear Completed

[Book 2]

"Take me back please? I'm sorry for everything. Please take me back.."

"I'm sorry but I can't. I already have someone in my life now. I don't want to hurt him.."

It's been 3 years since Harry and Zayn got together. For Harry, everything is perfect.

Until Zayn decided to leave......

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Narrybear Narrybear Mar 06, 2013
@STYLLE ohmigosh I suddenly feel pressured. Thank you for supporting my story. I might ask you guys sooner for some ideas for this story :')
ToBeBreathless ToBeBreathless Mar 06, 2013
little Sam is staring at me from the side, i think he wants me to say how adorable he looks..... HE'S SO CUTE :3 i'm excited for this sequel xx
STYLLE STYLLE Mar 06, 2013
I wasn't expect something like that honestly. It's so much better. 
                              Aww and they have a little kid now. He is so cute <3 just like his daddyies. Totally made my day. 
                              Keep writing babe :) i'm pretty sure that i'm going to love this story as much i loved CIKY :$ xx
Narrybear Narrybear Mar 06, 2013
@sylmzz you are so sweet and amazing.  Thanks for reading and supporting babe. Love youuuuuu X
sylmzz sylmzz Mar 06, 2013
I'm happy to see you back...
                              As a fast reader, first comment coming from me.
                              This child is the CUTEST thing I ever seen in my life...oh his eyes!
                              anyway, it was awesome, please keep writing, love you..xx
mageeeeenta mageeeeenta Mar 05, 2013
This is like OMG OMG OMG I just can't wait he first was so good and I bet this one is gonna be even better