Skylark #Wattys2016

Skylark #Wattys2016

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Emilie By thatlittlebrunette Updated Dec 02, 2017

She's known as the thunder wolf. 

The one nobody dares to face. 

They say she's sweet and kind. 

But nobody knows what hides behind those bright blue eyes. 

Skylark Janice Terri has spent her whole life being different from other wolves. She has a wolf, of course- but its different from the others. 

Skylark isn't a werewolf, she's a Raiju. An unknown and fully forgotten type of shapeshifter. She has a midnight black wolf, with blue lightning bolts coming around her- giving her immense power, and the ability to take on any challenger.  She's known everywhere, the council doesn't even know what to do with her. 

She's as fast as lighting- 
Sharp as a bolt
And nothing can stop her. 

The worst part is?
Nobody knows who she is. And she doesn't plan on telling them.  
So how can you catch a Raiju- when you have no clue who it is? 

Phoenix Axel Reynolds- Hes grown up with an extremely sassy and sarcastic remarks from his mother, as well as an over protective father who breathes down him and his siblings neck every time they step foot out of the house. 

He's ready too assume the Alpha position- and when he does, he will be the most powerful alpha on earth. 

He is a Lycan after all. 

So what happens when a rare Raiju and a rare Lycan are mates?

Sequel to Thaddeus - Can be read without reading Thaddeus but is recommended too! :)
Copyright © July 16th. 
Published: July 24th

Cover by: YouSavage 
Highest Rank: #13 in Werewolf

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I literally took a break from Thaddeus to read this book😂
meangel17 meangel17 Oct 17, 2017
I read Thaddeus...but I totally forgot about it.. One thing I only know that he was my hubby one time😂😂😂😂😂
HoodiesNpitbulls HoodiesNpitbulls Jul 28, 2016
IM SO CONFUSED!!!  It says that everyone knows about HER raiju. But how could yhey not know that she is- ugh!!!! Im so confused!!!!
Dean_Herondale Dean_Herondale May 24, 2016
Yay Taylor lautner is one of main chactors along with Emma Watson yessss
AboveAndBelowAverage AboveAndBelowAverage Jun 08, 2016
I've never read the other book so I am confused. Can anyone help?
rookiefire rookiefire Oct 08, 2016
Akatsuki no yona, anyone?  Doesn't 'raiju no hak' ring a bell?