You're Not-So Grump (Dan Avidan x Reader)

You're Not-So Grump (Dan Avidan x Reader)

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My phone went nuts as the alarm for 9 AM was sounding. Slowly, my eyes open as the morning sunlight leaked into my room through the curtains. As I sit up, I hear my roommate, (Your friend's name or Y/F/N) making breakfast in our kitchen. I rub the sleep off my eyes as I walk out to where I smelled bacon. 

"Oh hey, (Y/N). Up so early?" Mumbling as I take my phone out, I check if there are any messages. As usual; none. (Y/F/N) makes her way over to the table with two plates of bacon and eggs. 

"Soo," she starts as I divert my attention from my plate to her. "You kinda have to go pick up some stuff for me from the store?"
"Why can't you do it?"
"I have... Things... To do..."
"Uh huh. Sure."

I throw out my plate and go to get dressed in my room. I throw on some jeans, my Game Grumps shirt,(above) and my (F/C) converse. I grab my phone and some money and head for the door. I slide on my sweatshirt and open it. "Alright. I'm going to the store now, you lazy son of a buiscit." I call back ...

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i feel like this is a story danny would tell on the show, like a horrible one night stand memory that he laughs about to this day
Everyone's like I found game grumps though markiplier
                              I'm over here like "I found mark from them"
I may have over fan girl even though it's just the start of this book lol.
If that happened to me...I would be frozen on the floor having a spaz attack while having a heart attack
Why is this a painfully accurate description of how everyone reading this would act? XD
TheOfficialYuubi TheOfficialYuubi Aug 03, 2016
Fainting on the floor
                              Me: hi... I like your vids
                              Dan: thanx i like your shirt
                              Me: thanx