Kitten in the Host Club 《Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji x Ouran crossover》

Kitten in the Host Club 《Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji x Ouran crossover》

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Satan's Child By Lava98 Updated Oct 13, 2016

I'm Zandra Michaelis. Yes, I'm the daughter of Sebastian Michaelis.

I am 4,517 years old, but look around the age of 15 or 16.

My father says I'm the split image of my mother, except with his red eyes. I have long navy blue hair and the same perfect figure of my mother. The only noticeable thing I gained from my father was his red eyes.

My mother was a neko demon or more precisely a cat demon. No surprise there since father loves cats. She was murdered a few days after my birth by the hands of Claude Faustus, the demon butler of the Trancy manor, with the Sheathe of Lævateinn. The blade was taken by my father to kill Claude, but instead killed Hannah, the keeper of the blade, who jumped in the way for Claude to escape. That blade is now within me.

So that makes me part neko demon and crow demon. My reflexes are more aware than my father's, my strength is doubled, and my speed is way more advanced than any normal neko or demon.

The young master, otherwise known as Earl Ciel Phantomhive is 15. My father and I serve him everyday and help him on his 'missions' by the queen.

The queen has ordered us to depart to Japan and help with the cases there, as she has plenty of others that are able to do cases in London. She also said that he should enroll in high school to affiliate with other rich companies to make the Funtom Company stronger. My father also wants me to enroll to be able to protect the young master from any nuisances. 

The school we're going to: Ouran Private Academy.

Rated mature for strong language. Like if you can't handle fuck.

Present time AU
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Grell. Can be such an idiot at times,but its like having another tamaki.
moonflowrr moonflowrr Jun 04
Ok so one time I was sleeping on a Saturday and my sister woke me up and I broke her arm... heh... heh.... heh....
What do you do with all the money you earn?
                              Ciel: Buys forks and knives, because they 'mysteriously' go missing
Honestly who could hate Undertaker? It's physically impossible based on what I know.
                              Bassy: Anything can be done
                              Parents: Not spoons
                              Bassy:*kills then with spoons* Ha
I personally like grell and undertaker but other than that everything else is true