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Edge Lord By ScarletMusicLover Completed

You know what screw it I'm making one!

Well you are normal girl with a normal life...well your not exactly normal you have a strange thing that no one else have a sixth sense.

You are forced by your parents to hide it at school so no one knows about it...

read it and you will learn what your sixth sense is...

Im expecting to see a certain bleached face with a bootiful bloody smile *cough* jeff *cough*
1. I wouldn't even have to make a face - IM UGLEH AS HECK 
                              2. Gooooosh why cant it be so eeeeeasy ._.
Blue green and grey back pack and sinigang (it's Philippino food)
Brown with more than half dyed a pinkish purpleish red colour
Ok teacher you better not f*cking roll your eyes at me you lil b*tch,I'm a volleyball player and I can f*cking spike your head like volleyball
Basically white but with a slight tan, a deep blue and just silver hair