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Scarlet By ScarletMusicLover Completed

You know what screw it I'm making one!

Well you are normal girl with a normal life...well your not exactly normal you have a strange thing that no one else have a sixth sense.

You are forced by your parents to hide it at school so no one knows about it...

read it and you will learn what your sixth sense is...

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LillyHa2 LillyHa2 Oct 04, 2017
Wait, so our sixth sense is becoming blind, and then seeing the future? (Please correct me if I'm wrong)
Spaired Spaired Nov 23, 2017
My Algebra teacher is like this. She's very sweet. And my school nurse WILL send you home
Skycatbow Skycatbow 6 days ago
Mint green shoulder length hair with bangs covering left eye
WeHAX- WeHAX- Oct 03, 2017
My teacher is better than this one. 
                              She would drive you home.
user33418822 user33418822 2 days ago
did anyone else read "(the for you hate the most)" as "(the food I HATE the most" because I did and I'm a lazy dumbasses
LilyDaCreepyPasta LilyDaCreepyPasta Dec 16, 2017
My teaches would be like:
                              No! this is my lesson and you will stay!