Love And Lust (The 100-Clexa)

Love And Lust (The 100-Clexa)

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FangirlKnight By FangirlKnight Updated Mar 04

Clarke Griffin is a small town girl, moving to the large crazy city known as L.A. Attending college for pre med, Clarke is just hoping she won't get lost in the big city. She was never thinking about what would happen when a girl nuzzled her way into her life. Clarke has never had any feelings like this, but she really liked them. Is this girl her new life, or her biggest mistake?

Lexa Heda, a Californian native is attending school at the L.A university. She's just hoping her crazy friends won't pull her into stupid illegal stuff like they always do, she wasn't even thinking about a beautiful blonde entering her life. Lexa has had hard break ups with other girls, but this girl makes her feel different. Will her last girlfriend ruin any chances she has with this mystery girl, or will nothing stop her from making herself happy?

On hold.

Okay am I the only one comfortable sleeping on my clothes I wore today?? Like I can sleep without my pajamas that I never wear cause it's way too hot
Finally I've wanted to read a story about Clarke and Lexa  they are my fave couple in the 100
AKA LOOK AT HIW CUTE I AM AT SLEEPING. Or cuddle with me e-e
FluffyPinks FluffyPinks May 22
Guys, illuminati confirmed. Colorado rhymes with Avacado. Fresh Avacado. Free shavacadoo. Free has three letters in it if you take away the r. Do you know what else has 3 in it? Eye. Do you know what else has an eye? You. You has three letters. A triangle has three sides. ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED
FluffyPinks FluffyPinks Mar 19
It's like that one girl in Grease that nobody liked or payed attention to
FluffyPinks FluffyPinks May 22
I thought it said checking out people and I was like where's Lexa when you need her.