Love Triangle | Vocaloid | Gakupo + Kaito

Love Triangle | Vocaloid | Gakupo + Kaito

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🌸ヴィータ🌸 By SunsOverFlowers Updated Dec 24, 2016

Falling in love is not easy. Being in a love triangle, oh boy.


[playboy!gakupo + waiter!kaito]

[reader insert]




You can take my number instead.... OMFG WT ACTUAL F DID I JUST THINK ABOUT
Nopeity nope nope I never wear skinny jeans or flower crowns
                              NOPE NOPE NOPEITY NOPE
GreatGenyas GreatGenyas Oct 15, 2016
Aww I love dorks xD I love Gakupo but I feel like if he's a jerk here I'm gonna end up with Kaito. I don't care though xD
Im_No_Weeb Im_No_Weeb Dec 04, 2016
Lmao yeah.. " great " next thing u know something bad happens while me/you/anyone is working.
I'm just gonna ignore the flower crown.... why would I wear a flower crown while looking for a job? They'll think I'm vegan.
D:::::: JK I LOVEEE HERRR Shes like sis to meh and kaito bro but IDC brother and sister lemon >:333333