Wearing the Red Hood

Wearing the Red Hood

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Angel Earnshaw By angl_ernshw Completed

What do superheroes do on vacation?

Jason Todd wouldn't know. Because, one, he isn't a superhero. He's an outlaw. And two, he isn't on vacation. In fact, he has to juggle wedding plans, Legacy babies and an infuriating family all on a daily basis. And they said being normal was boring. 

But when he runs into Dr. Razel Anders for the third time and finds out she's in danger, he takes it upon himself to eliminate the threat to her life. While he gets closer to finding out who would want to harm her, she also gets closer to his heart. And when all things are said and done, Jason has to wonder if wearing the Red Hood is still worth it. 

II Second Book in the Shadows of the Night trilogy II
All characters belong to DC comics.

GeeksRule1 GeeksRule1 Aug 18
I honestly don't think anyone can justify how the batfamily look or anyone else in the comics😒
*starts breathing rapidly and waving hands around* he said ASTER *screams*
satomi_voh satomi_voh Jul 27
Nop! Jason is definitely replacing Alfred. Babysitting, wedding planner, funeral organizer and driver 😂😂😂😂
*starts hyperventilating and waving hands around again* JASON SAID WHELMED DICK TAUGHT HIM WELL *screams*
CreativeLeilani CreativeLeilani Dec 28, 2015
I just love stories when it have something you wanna know....
IJasonTodd IJasonTodd Dec 02, 2015
Lol I'm surprised I had nothing to say about Harly showing up