In Her Eyes I Saw the Universe

In Her Eyes I Saw the Universe

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Complete Heterochromea

Maya Hart wasn't that noticeable of a student at her highschool, every once in a while her name would get pulled up as either 'the weird biology kid obsessed with human anatomy' or 'the weird lesbian chick who sketched cheerleaders at practice'. Maya preferred to stay under the radar since it involved the least amount of football players threatening to pummel her into the ground. She was relatively happy working by herself in biology class, knowing that people often found her too specific with directions to work with. Maya suffered from OCD and anxiety along with various other oddities that were often the punchline of jokes, whether someone make fun of her stutter, or her facial twitch when she was put in stressful situations, or her constant eyeglass resituation as she tried to explain herself to people threatening to beat her up. 

But one day, it happened, there was a new girl in the class by the name of Riley Matthews and Maya couldn't help but stare as the ...

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