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thebloodyglade By thebloodyglade Updated Jul 20, 2017

(A TMR Imagine) Y/n (your name) is bullied by Gally. It gets so bad she becomes depressed and starts harming herself. Newt finds y/n hurting herself.

tw: self-harm and mentions a previous suicide attempt


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You know, I've always wondered why people ask if I'm ok when I VISIBLY AM NOT OK
DancingPuppyXilo DancingPuppyXilo Jul 01, 2017
oh, and I forgot to mention, I wouldn't run away like a CHICKEN!
Ellisoth Ellisoth Nov 26, 2017
This made me happy! Thank u for lighting up my day =3 we need more ppl like u!
TheCheshireCatt TheCheshireCatt Oct 04, 2017
i don't think gally would be like that... but maybe another glader.... a made up one, but gally was never that harsh
DancingPuppyXilo DancingPuppyXilo Jul 01, 2017
If I could be her, he would be the one on the ground, not me!
                              Because of me rules!↙
                              Rules of me:
                              1:Dont mess with me
                              2:Dont bully me
                              3:NEVER hit on me
Winter_Ballerina Winter_Ballerina Feb 18, 2016
The fact this story is called cuts and that ^ just happened has me very worried for my safety