Between the Lines there Lies a Story of Me

Between the Lines there Lies a Story of Me

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5 stars! Reviewed By Christian Sia for Readers' Favorite

No one needs to love poetry to appreciate this wonderful collection of poems. Between The Lines There Lies a Story of Me by Sabaine features well-written, rhythmic, and beautiful poems that will resonate with a wide range of readers, poems that cover a variety of themes. This collection can be read as the poet's appreciation of reality, her way of listening to the throb of life within her, an outpouring of her pain. 

 There is a pervading sense of despair that runs through the lines of many poems, and at times the reader feels like listening to the dismal cries of a weaned child, but there is a powerful current of humanity running through the poems as well. Between The Lines There Lies a Story is fraught with symbolism. A perfect example is the use of "darkness" to symbolise suffering, inner aridity, and the conflict raging within the persona. Sabaine combines the masterful use of vivid descriptions with a powerful narrative style to create verses with universal themes of love, abuse, rejection, fear, and hope. The poems are incredibly humane and the writing is utterly appealing.

Reviewed By Rabia Tanveer for Readers' Favorite

These poems are about fighting the odds, fighting for right and your right, and learning new lessons every day. 

 This is heavy stuff, some parts are depressing and others are just sad. But more than that, it is about facing your fears, facing yourself, and understanding yourself.

This collection of poems has many little nuggets that we all live through and appreciate. The poems are quite profound, insightful, and reflective.

No longer available for purchase. Working on a second edition.