Aaliyah Black: A Harry Potter Love Story

Aaliyah Black: A Harry Potter Love Story

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Panda of China By 4242564fangirl Updated Feb 22

A long time ago there was a loving couple known as Sirius and Amethyst Black. Ever since Sirius layed eyes upon Amethyst he fell in love. Though much like Lily with James, Amethyst despised Sirius. She didn't like his harsh ways. But Sirius never gave up. He worked hard and by the seventh year: They were inseparable.  Amethyst soon found herself loving the mischievous, puppy-like mauruder. Finally they married and had a daughter. This is her story.

Ciao! It's me, that one weirdo who likes to write stuff that makes no sense.... Haha kidding. BTW: I made up this character cause I got relative and bored and I'm not basing it off my actual real time at Hogwarts like some wizards- I mean AUTHORS do. (Sorry it just annoys me when people do that) Sorry if you don't like the description BTW, I tried. Also: PASTAAAAA!

I own nothing but Aaliyah, Amethyst, and a few other characters I plan to make.

Cover belongs to the awesome @loner_1012 
Follow her. And me maybe... if u want. I wont force ya. love ya.

BloodyBatty BloodyBatty Mar 23
Did Prof Dumbs just compare a baby girl to a animal/creature? Nice Dumbs very nice...
Wiredhawkes Wiredhawkes Jun 28
Was he like 'peek-a-boo'? Or did he do the thing where he ducks down trying to hide even though we all can see him?
anime13love anime13love Jun 28
The first story I'm reading that Hagrid is the father...I love it already!
hulloitmeh hulloitmeh Jul 20
I 'ave many feectional boyfrands ~read in weird accent~ but my von true love iz 2P Engand (probably butchered that XD)