The BadBoy has a Heart?

The BadBoy has a Heart?

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Mia ☺️ By xXxdreamlandxXx Updated Feb 09, 2016

Cameron Garner has had a rough past that she'll do anything to forget. She's a 17 year old girl who lives in a small town in Pennsylvania. She lives with her Aunt and Uncle because of her parents tragic accident. But, don't think that that's made her into some big, tangled, mess of depression. No, she's still the same funny, sarcastic girl she always was.

       Nathaniel Dixon, A.K.A. BadBoy of Gracetown, is a street racer. Now before you automatically think he's a player who drinks and smokes all the time, I'll let you know right now he's not. He just keeps to himself, unless you challenge him, then he'll beat you 'till you can't see straight.

       What happens when the arrogant BadBoy and the sarcastic, mysterious girl meet? And, will she find out if the Badboy really does have a heart? Well, let's just say they DEFINITELY did not expect to be fighting to save each others lives.

(This story contains strong language and violent scenes, maybe something extra... Just a precaution for those about to read my story.)

Chloelynn447 Chloelynn447 Jul 31, 2016
OMFG you have no idea how abscessed I am with the name Nathaniel I haven't found a story on here with Nathaniel as a character I'm literally crying
netflixfoodlife netflixfoodlife Nov 11, 2016
Only a banana boi I eat a couple cereal bowls get some yogurt drink a bunch of milk and that doesn't even fill me up for an hour
glamurwolfgirl glamurwolfgirl Jul 15, 2016
Monday's are so far from Friday but Friday's close to Monday ugh*groans*
superbadlikemclovin superbadlikemclovin Sep 08, 2016
Ughh i got excited because i misread banana for bandana 😢
juliasaurus juliasaurus Dec 24, 2016
Sounds like the name of a highschool that would be on Disney channel
Ham_Nova Ham_Nova Oct 14, 2016
The first thing I thought of was "do you want some eye with that makeup?"