The New Member (One Direction Fanfiction)

The New Member (One Direction Fanfiction)

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Love and hate are oddly similar if you think about it...

"I won't do it. I won't ruin their careers." I snapped harshly.

"You don't have a choice, love." He returned with a bitter smile. "Besides, I am sure you will all get along fine."

Right, like that was my biggest problem...

  Delia, an eighteen year old American, travels to Britain to visit a fangirlish friend, and is dragged to the most dreadful thing she could imagine: A One Direction concert. Once there, the worst happens, an occurence only fate could arrange, ending with something truly incredible as the result. One Direction's management want her immediately afterward, and force her to join the band, as the new member. The five guys dislike her interferring on their hardwork, and she despises the whole situation. It's true hate at first sight for the bandmembers and Delia, but they will have to make it work, because their entire future depends on the other. When Liam, Zayn, Niall, Louis, Harry, and Delia are forced together there is bound to be secrets, hate, drama, and surprising love.

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ally979 ally979 Aug 17, 2017
born and raised is alabama (NOT ALL PEOPLE FROM ALABAMA ARE REDNECK OK????!!!)
freedomrevel freedomrevel Oct 24, 2017
I was born in Northern California but now I live in Texas. And maybe one of my family members was on Rednecks gone Wild for our family reunion.
Sarahcj03 Sarahcj03 May 29, 2017
Okay, I went to a One Direction concert and if it started in an hour, they should have been there like 3 hours ago. If you go to a concert you come like 4 or 5 hours early, so you can park, buy merch (because who wouldn't want merch?), and find your seat. Seriously it's crazy.
Fantasy-Catcher Fantasy-Catcher Aug 21, 2017
I was born in the north of Europe, but now I live in California. People always mock me for my Scandinavian accent
HeyAngel2194 HeyAngel2194 Mar 01, 2017
So baby if you say you want me to stay, I'll change my mind:-)
SnakeusGotNoJams SnakeusGotNoJams Jan 20, 2016
I love it so far you're an awesome writer! I LOVE one Direction! (Especially Niall!) 😊