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The Awakening of the Princess of the Dragons || Fairy Tail (NaLu) ||

The Awakening of the Princess of the Dragons || Fairy Tail (NaLu) ||

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• Trash • By kpoptrashu Updated Feb 12, 2016

• O N G O I N G •

A month had passed since Lisanna came back from the supposed 'dead'. One day, Team Natsu decided to kick Lucy out - since she was the weakest - and was replaced with Lisanna. Devastated, Lucy erased her own guild mark in front of everyone in the guild, and leaves with Wendy and Charle to train. 

One day in a forest, Lucy, Wendy and Charle encounter a dragon, claiming that Lucy was the princess of the dragons. The dragon takes the three girls to the dragon realm to train. 

Two years later, the three girls go back to Fairy Tail for revenge. 

Suddenly, a new threat comes. That person tells Lucy that she has Ankhseram Black Magic. Lucy denies it, but what happens when she accidentally kills one of her closest friends?!

What will happen? Especially to Lucy?

Started: 25/07/15
Completed: xx/xx/xx

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It sounds like a story being told by a grandma to the little kids
TanikaAlli TanikaAlli Apr 03
Omfg I know this is irrelevant but is your picture Taehyung?? I haven't looked yet and your name is kpop I love you already!!
TanikaAlli TanikaAlli Apr 03
Fricken love it already Chicken. (My nickname for you now 😂😂)
Who started this revenge thing about lucy getting revenge because everyone "ignored" her then she meets someone that tells that she is special like she is a goddess,princess or angel, anyway?
krazyjkth krazyjkth Apr 11, 2016
I love your profile pic... V from Bts!!!!!! I'm an A.R.M.Y... Plus I love this story so yeah...
GilZeAwesomePrussia GilZeAwesomePrussia Jul 09, 2016
I'm just gunna wait to continue reading when this song finishes up, then I'll read. XD