Become (Desolation #1)

Become (Desolation #1)

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Dear Readers,

I added BECOME to Wattpad more than a year ago and I was completely Wattpad-stupid. Many of you read and commented and supported me and I ... was oblivious. I didn't know who/what/where ... Like I said ... stupid!

It's a little late for a lot of you, but for those of you who might be new to BECOME and the Desolation series, I hope I'll do a lot better by you. 

I've come to see just how valuable and special Wattpad is ~ hopefully I won't mess it up this time!

My whole Desolation series is available for purchase everywhere online, as well as a novella serial The Desolation Diaries. But I'll be adding the second book in the Desi series coming up shortly, so please FOLLOW so you know when book two, DESOLATE, comes online!

Thanks again so much for your patience. I'm looking forward to getting to know you, and I REALLY appreciate you reading.


The battle over Midgard begins with just one girl ...

Earth has been without a Guardian since its creation, but Loki means to take it for himself. His daughter, sixteen-year-old Desolation, wants nothing more than to stay in Hel where it’s cold and lonely and totally predictable. Instead, she’s sent to Midgard to make her choice--and what she chooses will determine not only her own future but the fate of all the worlds.


  • angels
  • demons
  • epic
  • fantasy
  • loki
  • lucifer
  • mythology
  • norse
  • romance
Hi ali hope you are well. I really love Become and would love to read all of them. You said to subscribe abd then we get free book even the next one. Ive subscribed but all your books are for sale???
DSEerie DSEerie Jan 30
I see you're into mythology. Only Norse or do you like many? You might like my story, Chaos of the Times, which has both Loki and Eris. Mind reading the first few chapters of my story and leaving a supportive star? Also, let me know what you thought and how I might improve. Keep up the great work!
Cool_Gal2 Cool_Gal2 Aug 23, 2015
I have read about half-way through this book so far, and I would just like to say that you are a far better writer than most of the books I read that are published. Keep up the great work!
rayne1514 rayne1514 Aug 19, 2015
I'm so sad your books aren't on here... I don't have money to buy your other two...
Toasted-underwear Toasted-underwear Aug 30, 2014
hell is cold?....... her name is desolation? wow, her parents were really serious
Contracts1 Contracts1 Aug 18, 2014
The blurb sounds very interesting and different from other books
                              I look forward to reading it :-)