Taken By The Mafia

Taken By The Mafia

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Nekochansan By Nekochansan Updated Dec 26, 2017

[ 18+] (My grammar is wonky so bare with me please.) Sena is a simple teenage tomboy that can be stubborn as hell and impulsive, but she makes up for it in her determination. 
Sena has no set plans for her future. She is average at school but she is determined to study to find her path in life so she can take care of her family. But at times she feels she will never find her true calling in life. 

Sena's family isn't doing too good financially, even though her Father is working as hard as he can with 2 jobs. Sena has a job as a waiter/janitor at a fancy 5 star restaurant/club to help out her Father. Sena juggles working, school, and looking after her family, it's not the easiest life but she is has gotten used to it. 

But her whole life is changed when she is about to turn 19. Sena offers to let her 2 best friends come celebrate her birthday party at the club in the restaurant she works at. And her life is changed for the worse. Sena is abducted to part take in a human auction. 

In such a short amount of time Sena's whole life is taken from her, her body, her rights, and even her sanity, all taken... by an infamous, powerful, and cruel Mafia Boss.
Vitali De Luca.

(Story may come off a bit cliché but ill try to change it up :D)

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That_riddle_kid That_riddle_kid Oct 23, 2017
My name is Senna, and I am quite literally everything that is put as a description. Oh god, is this going to be my future?
bornliveddied bornliveddied Feb 17, 2016
Did anyone else just give up and decide to pronounce it "Serena" ? xD
JustUrAverageMember JustUrAverageMember Feb 13, 2016
"... so bare with me please."
                              ~Story Description
                              Bear with me: Stay with me
                              Bare with me: Get naked with me
                              Sorry, but I couldn't help but point that out. XD
johnson890 johnson890 Jul 06, 2016
hello please write me here favorjohnson2121@hotmail.com 
                               i would like to get to know you
rubyriddle_ rubyriddle_ Feb 11, 2016
I know it literally just said that her name is pronounced 'Senna' I can't help but think of John Cena
ed2wfu ed2wfu Nov 21, 2015
Keep on writing! Nice and easy reading. Really enjoyed it. Adding this to my list for sure!