The Honor Student

The Honor Student

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merixxx23 By merixxx23 Updated Aug 13, 2015

(Student/Teacher Romance)

Being the new girl at school was not easy. Lydia Archer could tell you all about. She's a straight A student with a lot of ambition. She always follows the rules. She moves to a town in Ohio expecting this new school to be like the rest, but she's wrong. 

Everything changes when she meets her hot teacher, who happens to live across the street too. Blake Porter, 24, has his eyes set on Lydia the first time he saw her. 

Find out what happens when lust turns into obsession, and things get dangerous.

  • fiction
  • obsession
  • romance
  • student
  • teacher
  • teen
  • thriller
I'm fat, 5'2, my thighs touch, small butt, small boobs, and hour glass shape which makes me look fatter
MaelleDje MaelleDje Nov 04
So you need a guy at your feet like a slave for him to be your boyfriend ? 😭also you know damn well that if they stares at you it's probably cause they think you're pretty stop playing girl lmao
I eat a crap ton of food but it all goes to my butt not my boobs. My butt is just too big
Foxy7e Foxy7e May 31
5'2, im apparently skinny but I still think I'm kinda fat. My butt is definitely too big in comparison to my boobs. I wish it was the perfect ratio
BookLover376520 BookLover376520 3 days ago
Girl, I'm  happy when  a guy is with in a mile radius of me, so stop complaining
somo-fan102 somo-fan102 Apr 06, 2016
Same as you but im 5"3 and gave a small waist and small hips but there bigger than my waist and my thighs dont touch which i hate cause people could always see tge outline of my private part so i always wear long repeaters and jeans or leggings lol