The Disabled Girl II

The Disabled Girl II

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Don't By VictoriaLove01 Updated Aug 15

Lucy and Levy go to Los Angeles, California. It seems happy and peaceful. They make new friends and hang out in the city. But they also make enemies, have fights, have heart breaking moments, and get involved in lots of drama. 

Not so happy anymore. Especially with Lucy who left Magnolia, broke Natsu's heart, and finally got able to walk again. 

((Note: This is also kinda crappy, but I'll do my best to make it interesting.))

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I hate moments like this
                              *ocd side running about smashing stuff in anger*
                              Shaddap!!!! I'm the hot mess who does comments!!!
                              Other Side: Concieted, much?
                              Well I can't help it if I'm byudiful!
                              *slo mo sexy hair flip*
                              *other side splashes me with lava (cause hot sauce don't affect me)*
Vamp1600 Vamp1600 Nov 12
basically he turned into a creeper and follower you for 2-3 years straight -_
Nalu babies whhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!! Bad sting and how'd he even get there he was at their old school to and it better not be a date if it is I'm gonna kill sting a thousand times over!!😀
XXxawexXX XXxawexXX Jan 12
Right you shouldn't have left and I kinda hate you in this story but I love the Author's creative mind
                              Roses are red violets are blue.................
                              NATSUS FOR LUCY AND NOT FOR YOU
Coribell16 Coribell16 Dec 10, 2015
NOOOOO MUST BE NALU I WANT THEM BACK😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 and I love your stories btw!😁😁🙃😁