[Diabolik Lovers Imagines ] Character x Reader

[Diabolik Lovers Imagines ] Character x Reader

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àlly By allyriverwood Updated Jul 19, 2016

i couldn't hold back the gasp that left my mouth as i looked deep into his eyes . the dim lighting in the room illuminated his eyes , emphasizing what was about to happen .

gulping , as he smirked . if that wasn't enough torture for me , he had let his wild tongue escape his mouth , licking his upper lips and moving right over the sharp edges of those deadly fangs .

eyes closed , all i could hear was a deep breath taken by him as i felt his hair brush under my left ear before feeling him pierce the flesh of my collarbones . his hands , lustfully climbing up and down my whole body , sending pleasure-filled shivers down my spine . 

he had only started but i was at my limit .


omg pls dont mind the first drabbles they're like 3 years old and so cringy pls kill them omg  also lmao kudos to those who know who's mouth is that in the cover :')

I read this in a serious and dramatic tone then saw that and almost died
This was cute 😄😀
                              I can see my cheeks being squish by Ruki
This. This is what I'm going to show people when they ask about 'anti-climax' in stories.
Oh my god Ruki
Mikuru_Iru Mikuru_Iru Jan 22
Lol, Half of me wuz like-
                              NO NO NO NO NO, NUT TOUCHIN DIS GURL! NOPE!!! NOT TODAY!!!
                              And the other me was like.....
                              He'll be positive, don worry, BE POSITIVE
GabieHoran17 GabieHoran17 Nov 08, 2016
I literally read this chappie in a dramatic serious tone...
                              But then....