Amelia Rebel Espinosa

Amelia Rebel Espinosa

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frostybear122 By frostybear122 Updated May 30

Matt Espinosa left his sister, Amelia, behind when he joined Magcon. He returns two years later with the Magcon crew. Is Amelia the same angel he used to know? Will she fall in love with one of the boys?

Amelia Espinosa was a great ballerina and a nerd. Her vine famous brother, Matt Espinosa, left her three years ago. She had to deal with her parents fighting and getting a divorce. They took away ballet, the only thing that made her happy. 

Amelia changed into a badass. She knew her parents would never think she was as good as Matt. Why not change completely? She does graffiti with her friends. She sneaks out at night and parties with her friends. She still dances, but it's street dance. What happens when Matt returns? Can one of the Magcon boys bring back the old Amelia?

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