Blood and Wings ~book 1~

Blood and Wings ~book 1~

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"Are you okay?" I knew he wasn't, I just wanted to see if he would lie to me. My body pressed against the shower door and I didn't move, his head slowly rising from his hands, but still too dark to make out his features. Hopefully the same went for me. 

"I'm fine, kitten.  Here, your towel." he tried getting up, then failed miserably as he  slumped back down onto the bed. I dismissed the towel he threw and dropped it on the floor, walking naked towards him, not even the slightest bit embarrassed or ashamed. 

"You're weak. I can feel it." I said softly, and he looked up to me. His eyes held no filter in what he needed, but I knew he would deny it and try to go on his way, but the last thing I needed was Riley dying on me. The thought made me cringe, even if we just met. 

"Felicia, I'm fine."

"Liar." I climbed on  the bed towards him, laying his head gently on my thighs, my hands  stroking his cheeks. He meant something to us, I could feel it; and I  knew he felt it too.

"How do you feed?" It  was a question I knew the answer to right after I asked it. Every demon  that is originated from pure Darkness feeds through blood, and the only  demons that meet that criteria is succubae, incubae, wolves and  vampyres. I extended my claws and was going to slit my wrist for Riley   to drink, but he stopped me.

"Sex." My breath hitched in my throat.

"I feed through sex."

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JL_Otaku JL_Otaku Sep 29, 2016
... Was that an older Del? It sounds like her, but why would she go back in time and kill her own mother? It doesn't make sense.
Sabrina_1535 Sabrina_1535 Jun 20, 2016
It seems like the dad is more demon than the mom, just cause he's a lot more reckless and playful
yani1998 yani1998 Jul 30, 2015
yessss!! i was dying for this story thank you thank you so much.....