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Fell For Mr Bully [Taehyung Fanfic]

Fell For Mr Bully [Taehyung Fanfic]

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MeanieGyu By JinniePark_ Updated Dec 19, 2016

When the lights start to turn off, I quietly go to meet you
A flower blooms in the world that's only filled with thorns

Why? Why not?
They whisper and go against us
Why? Why not?
We're so in love
Can't we live in a world where time stands still?
Why? Why not?
We did nothing wrong
Why? Why not? 
We're so in love

Tell Me What Is Wrong
Tell Me What Is Love

I want to love however I want
I won't change no matter what anyone says
Don't look at me like that
We're just in love, that's all
Don't hate on us, however you're viewing us
We're just a little different
Just leave us alone

☆ミ love, hatred, sad, fear, etc . you feel it all. will they be able to overcome all the problems? would they hold on to each other no matter what happened? would their love last until forever? this story is stared by Song Ji Eun and Kim Tae Hyung

☆ミ storyline by: JinniePark_

Ikr nd you can drift into ur own little world without the teacher noticing you😂😛🙈
bakedpotaeto bakedpotaeto Jul 01, 2016
Taehyung doesn't seem like a bully, maybe a teaser and all that ahahaha :'
kookie_monster11 kookie_monster11 Feb 25, 2016
Omg that's my name but it's spelled with two n's instead of one so it's spelled Fanny.
Sally8642 Sally8642 Jan 03
Someone call the doctor  scgsjnwtyuwjwgfdfshjskmjsfsgjsj exol
notgoodwriter notgoodwriter Feb 07, 2016
I just realized the names r Korean.. Though i m not much fond of Korean but I like this! :)
ChocolateChims ChocolateChims Dec 26, 2016
Gurl, you already in high school... Meaning life should already be hell