A Never Ending War

A Never Ending War

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Sandra S. By SandraSunnyS Updated Mar 05, 2016

  Sakura... was an innocent person. She was like a full blooming flower in a rotten field. War was what was happening. And they were losing. She was a person who would have gladly sacrificed herself for the sake of others - and she did just that. Sealing a demon inside of her has changed her life quite a lot. 
  And just how was she supposed to control the side effects?
  What if she wasn't able to?  What if she had dostroyed the only thing left dear to her?
  Read and discover her journey in time, trying to save the future she had destroyed.
  Sakuraxharem (You can vote btw)
  Cover is mine 
  I do not own Naruto or any of its characters!

But I want to thank everyone who is still reading this, or is waiting for the next chapter. Thank you for all the support you gave me and are still giving me, I read all the comments to this day when I am feeling down to brighten my day and I hope that one day I will write another story on Wattpad (I do have many ideas ;) ).

Thank you, 

Sandra S.

Written 11.20 2016 (last control: 8.15 2017)

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FangirlJo FangirlJo Jul 12
I remember watching that part in the anime and then snort at that moment .and i was like "BAHAHAHA VERY FUNNY SASKAY,NICE JOKE YOU MAKE THERE"
bubbles101202303404 bubbles101202303404 Jul 23, 2016
I love it already and if I find out that this does not have a right story ending I sware  I will die!!!!!!
AkatsukiGirl194 AkatsukiGirl194 Nov 22, 2016
Duckbutt is a brat, I mean, when he came back to Konoha, and said he was going to be hokage I was like "Bitch please, you ain't Naruto!"
Mari4827 Mari4827 Jul 14, 2016
The story is great. Everything is very interesting. 
                              I just have one question; have you decided the main pairing yet? If so, can you please inform me of what it is. Thanks.
PurplePeepPower PurplePeepPower Sep 09, 2016
Gurlll,  I love this! Strong female lead finally! I hate fanfics that make my girl Sakura look weak. I love how you made her exactly how she should be!
SnailsWithWings SnailsWithWings Mar 12, 2016
I like it! I'm not gonna give any criticism right now since I've only read this chapter, but I think it's really good!