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The Promises Through my Years ((an Ouran High School Host Club Fan Fiction))

The Promises Through my Years ((an Ouran High School Host Club Fan Fiction))

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Ann-Marie Maxson By Ann-Marie0Fangirl14 Completed

Hina is Haruhi's cousin on Haruhi's mom side, she has long dark hair and looks vaguely like Haruhi. She goes to Ouran in search of her cousin and what she finds is... interesting to say the least. Hina is pretty normal, like Haruhi, and she is very smart, just like Haruhi. The only difference (other than appearance) is that Hina is a year older. She is in Kyoya's and Tamaki's class and has everyone in the host club drawn to her because of her unique personality.

As events unfold, we see the true Hina, not the brave girl who would do anything for her dearest cousin. Hina calls herself selfish, but it was just one of her promises that she made, and she intends to keep it.

The awkwardness of introducing yourself in front of the class. *shudders*
The main character magical oh so wonderful marvelous anime introducing window
It's like you guys had an unspoken connection that keeps you from having the same hairstyle.
All I gonna say is I think if we sacrifice it to Satan he won't even take it
Yeah, I always dread the fist day of school since it's so awkward.
Me on the first day "" I think it's stinking horrible and that's when I have friends could you imagine changing schools mid year and you don't know anyone, well I can't but can you imagine the horror?