The Alpha King's Prey

The Alpha King's Prey

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RedLady001 By RedLady001 Updated Aug 01

Leila lives for the adventures to happen. She lives for the memories that make her life. She lives for myths, legends and fantasies. She lives for love. She lives for the words that fill pages with untold tales of beauty and splendour.

Alessandro lives for destruction. He lives for revenge. He lives to destroy. He lives for himself. He lives for dominance. He lives for control. He lives for the throne. He lives to be Alpha King.

These two very different people, are destined for one another. The halves of each other's souls, however, what happens when they meet? 

Blood spills. Skin rips. Bruises are made. Tears form.

Will there ever me redemption? Will happiness ever come to fruition?


*This is a book which contains a lot of violence, cruelty, abuse and many other hard topics. Please read this book with an opened mind."

  • alpha
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  • controlling
  • cruel
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  • hatred
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jaymiotome jaymiotome Jun 12
I get the feeling this is not COMPLETELY true to werewolf lore (I wouldn't know either way) however absolutely love this chapter.  One of the few that makes me feel like I have a choice to put myself there or imagine my dad reading a bedtime story to me.  It's a wonderful introduction and I love it.
celestialgoddesss celestialgoddesss Jul 28, 2016
I'd beat this man up, wasting delicious food. 🤔👏🏾🙄
Mimi_Safiya Mimi_Safiya Jul 23, 2015
It seems good so far :) Is that how the werewolves in this book look like ?
Barknoor Barknoor Jul 18, 2015
Aw, cute how the beasts cuddled around her! I like how you involved Greek mythology. The end gave me a little goosebumps too, great job!
rekhanirghin rekhanirghin Jul 16, 2015
FINALLY! A werewolf story that is original,  and explains the existence of werewolves!
puale- puale- Jul 15, 2015
It's more like *snaps fingers down in zigzag motion* and saying 'oh no you didn't!'