(Sterek) Punked Out The Story

(Sterek) Punked Out The Story

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Jen By XsterekX Updated Feb 12, 2017

Teen Wolf, the not so normal story of Stiles Stillinski and his new life.

Stiles was once an ordinary, sarcastic, witty 16 year old thin, lanky and fragile human boy.
But after a terrible suprize, full of sadness, anger and betrayal from his 'loyal  Pack' all he has left is anger.
He leaves Beacon Hills and returns on his 18th to visit his poor old father.
No one recognises Stiles, all they see is a hot new punk.
Until he goes back to school.
But little do they know, the last 2 years weren't easy, he's a changed man.. Well you could say 'man'. 
The new Stiles won't let a Petty pack get in his way of his new life or job.
Job isn't really what you could call it.. At least to others it's a way to die, but he couldn't love it anymore.
But he's after revenge. 
And he won't stop till he's got what he wants.

The summary for 'Punked Out The Story' a Sterek Fanfic.
This will contain Smut, but be patient and please enjoy. Comments and hearts help :) thank you.

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IDoNotDoSports IDoNotDoSports Aug 05, 2016
John: Stiles...is gone *reads the Eat Healthy part* *snorts* as if. *reaches for the phone*
Ashtim_aemeon Ashtim_aemeon Nov 19, 2016
Im only on season 2 (dont judge im slow af I procrastinate for six years ok) and i hate erica and jackson more then i hate my own brother (and hes a huge dîck) and now this has pushed me over the edge into screaming volcano of rage and hate i want them dead and i want to watch
SiobhanAndrews SiobhanAndrews Mar 02, 2016
Do I have to kill a pack? Cause I will find and I will shove Wolfsbane up every hole on your body!
AntwaniceGaines AntwaniceGaines May 14, 2016
Am igonna have too slap a few hoes to get some points across 
                              Cus ill do it wolf or not
IDoNotDoSports IDoNotDoSports Aug 05, 2016
Stiles calm dow- GET OFF THE BE-Stiles no...you shouldn't get a gun and go bang to the- give me that bottle. NOW. No, don't thro- THAT COULD HAVE HIT M- ANOTHER BOTTLE..Stop drinking immediatel...No STILES  N- *We are now experiencing technical difficulties*
Stikinski91712 Stikinski91712 Jun 11, 2016
It's cute how he says "I'll be back bigger and better" lol😂😂😍