✤Zodiac Signs✤

✤Zodiac Signs✤

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Tina Daneshfar By TinaX2 Updated a day ago

If I wake up at 4 a.m and find myself bored, I'll post a new chapter. These people aren't mad; they're weird.

Yes, I'm weird. But how are you according to your Zodiac Sign? 

In this book you'll see: different squads, responds, and facts about your Signs.

P.S: All Credits goes to tumblr, google, etc.

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xoCottonCandyGirlxo xoCottonCandyGirlxo 18 hours ago
Yaaas March 31 #AriesGang💖♈️💖  People always be calling CRAZY but I read a book and it said "Crazy are the best type of people"
-Little_Weirdo- -Little_Weirdo- 2 days ago
I like being alone, but I don’t like loneliness/being lonely. There’s a difference?? Like I don’t mind company, but I prefer small settings with few to no people, but I don’t like being by myself 24/7
Akihokami Akihokami 5 days ago
Unfortunately true... it leads to a lot of pain when others don’t return the loyalty... 
                              Or is it just me?
sugarymochimin sugarymochimin 4 days ago
My cousin is always like this -_-
                              She's also being a brat now -_-
mgonzalezx mgonzalezx 4 days ago
I don't believe in signs but that is true! I am horrible at making a decision and want to hear at least 2 more opinions and/or options.
Casual_Pizza Casual_Pizza 4 days ago
True dat, I'm always in charge when it comes to groups at school