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Marshall McCarthy By Marsh02 Completed

A man is stalking his ex, intent on winning her back, but when he finds out about her new relationship, he hatches an evil plan to murder her and set up her new boyfriend Stewart for the crime. Everything works out perfectly. He commits the brutal act - evidence is successfully planted - her boyfriend is the main suspect and the Assistant DA Max Crawford is presented with a folder full of evidence; a rock tight motive and a boyfriend, who is acting strangely. But as Max goes about building the case, flaws in the evidence start to build up doubt in his mind about Stewart's guilt and point him toward Kristen's real killer or killers, as other interesting characters toy with the reader's mindset.

This is an edge of your seat thriller, where everything is not as it seems and it continually startles the reader with twists and turns in the plot.  Will Stewart finally be exonerated? Or will Tom get away with the perfect crime?

The first book in the Max Crawford series. 


"This was a riveting read. It held my interest firmly in its hand. Absolutely brilliant."

"I love this book. It was amazing, intense, emotional but romantic, just the type I love."

"With this book, you sir have just won an award from my heart."