The Bad Boy Stole My Diary

The Bad Boy Stole My Diary

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Mrs. Dylan O'brien By sweetmaiden_1128 Updated Jul 06

Ever wondered what would happen to you if a bad boy, who has actually spent more time in bed with a girl than an actual classroom, stole your diary? Well, here's what's supposed to happen.

You couldn't describe Colette's life as perfect. In fact, others would say it as.. let's see.. wrecked? Wait, demolished is the perfect word.

Her father and mother had just broken up which made Colette and her little desolated life more atrocious. Despite all the wreckage she's been through, all she could do to help herself was to subdue all her emotions. And to add that all up, Colette has a big attitude problem aka appearance problem.

Make way for the drama!

A diary which has all Colette's emotions, memories, pathetic childhood crushes, and daily dose of gossip that a lowlife like her could manage to hear. Colette never let's anyone not even her own bestfriend read or touch her diary. NEVER. But what do you get when you trip and fall and fate makes a bad boy run away with it? Well, you get perverted jokes, a crappy life, or maybe even love?

In the verge of trying to get her diary back, more disaster and tragic face her. Like 3 guys chasing her, Reeve, her ex, making out with her very own bestfriend and her needing to break two hearts. Well, she'll be damned. Let's just wish her goodluck.

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We almost have the same wattpad account name. Love this chapter
KookieKreme KookieKreme Apr 18
She got the wrong thing in mind! Hahahahahaha. Can't help but laugh. Bad-minded much.
Daeshree1 Daeshree1 Oct 06
I'm soooooo happy that there is another stalia shipper 😱😁😍