Begin || Jungkook

Begin || Jungkook

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Mrs. Jeon By slayingjeon Updated Jul 06, 2016

I peered at the crying man sulking at the corner of the room. He felt so.. broken.

"Uh... hey. Are you okay?" I asked and tapped his shoulder.

Jungkook sniffed and replied, "I need help. Can you help me?"

"Help you in what?" I replied, oblivious of what his request was.

"Help me make a new beginning."

Then the world froze as I felt his lips crash mine.

A/N: The chapters are confusing because this used to be a Dylan O'brien fan fic but I changed it into a Jungkook fan fic. So yeah. As of now, Future up to Chapter 2 is only finished and is still under major editing. Gamsahabnida ~

sweetmaiden_1228 sweetmaiden_1228 May 01, 2016
We almost have the same wattpad account name. Love this chapter
KookieKreme KookieKreme Apr 18, 2016
She got the wrong thing in mind! Hahahahahaha. Can't help but laugh. Bad-minded much.
Daeshree1 Daeshree1 Oct 06, 2016
I'm soooooo happy that there is another stalia shipper 😱😁😍