Nova || LRH.

Nova || LRH.

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"Yes Babydoll?"

"What's poking into my hip?"


Luke Hemmings Fanfic

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lukesmilesxox lukesmilesxox Dec 26, 2016
and everyone breathing gets anxiety at some point. not everyone gets anxiety disorder
myluvlies myluvlies Dec 29, 2016
congrats ,, people don't wear makeup to impress!!!!! And don't call them fake for wanting to look pretty
mikeygirl2122 mikeygirl2122 Dec 26, 2016
I was in like 1st grade and there was this book fair and there was this book and called mommies and daddies.. and it had very descriptive picture of a man's d!ck and a women's vagina and then having sex and creating a baby.. so yeah. I never went back.. AND LOOK AT ME NOW!
percussionfever percussionfever Oct 23, 2016
Oh my god photogenic good god how do you deal with not being able to take an ugly picture
Queen_Iceheart Queen_Iceheart Sep 15, 2016
Since when does Photogenic counts as a problem, if it is, then i might be perfect haha lol