The Perfect Cradle (Johnlock mpreg)

The Perfect Cradle (Johnlock mpreg)

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Weeks passed, almost months, as Sherlock just arrived back home from a long and overdue trip over seas as he and John 'celebrated' his coming home.

Soon after those couple of weeks, John starts feeling nauseous and can't stop throwing up. He shakes it off being a stomach bug or the flu.

But time passes as Sherlock forces his husband to go the hospital for his condition of nonstop nausea and to find something strange that even baffled the army doctor.

A year passed as their son, Hamish, was born as Sherlock and John get caught in a whirlwind of trouble and thoughts of another baby.

Will both of them be able to hold on for long? And even then, what will become of John?

~Story will contain~
•mpreg (male pregnancy)
•Graphic birth
•Sexual content

...Reader Discretion Advised...

All rights go to Moffat and Gatiss, I do not own any of this! All rights also got to the person who made the artwork I used for the cover!

VaughanGirl VaughanGirl May 28, 2016
He's going to leave him again, isn't he? An eternal and irreversible leaving... death.
lostboyxmoran lostboyxmoran Jul 13, 2016
Mpreg is a deep, dark hole. Once you read one, you wanna read another. And another. Pretty soon, you've read all of the mpregs of your favorite ships and you're beginning to write it...
                              save me.
Igggggyyyyyyyyyy Igggggyyyyyyyyyy Dec 18, 2016
                     should put that on a T-shirt
DaeJaeLover88 DaeJaeLover88 Oct 24, 2016
"I don't shave for Sherlock Holmes,  and he does not shave for me"
VaughanGirl VaughanGirl May 28, 2016
I don't know why I found that so funny. Ignore me. I'm a child.
Alois1Trancy14 Alois1Trancy14 Sep 07, 2016
My mind had been broken due to smut this is child's play compared to what I really read