Fire and Ice (boyxboy)

Fire and Ice (boyxboy)

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CanidLupis By CanidLupis Updated Nov 25, 2016

My name is Winter Frost and I was born with the ability to control and telekinetically manipulate a rare element - ice. But, with this unique ability came certain... complications. All my life I have known that I have more elemental power in me than other faeries exhaust in their entire lifetimes. And this intense build-up of power within me came with consequences - my skin was freezing to the touch and I found myself experiencing dangerous bouts of power exertion in which there were almost always a few casualties. Then I met Blaize, a school bad boy who - coincidentally - was one of my kind. And he seemed to be in a similar predicament, but to a much lesser degree. I couldn't tell if he was friend or foe, but that look in his eyes whenever he spots me is more than a little unsettling. And then I've got another problem - his element is fire. And everyone knows what they say about fire and ice...

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WARNING: This story is boyxboy/yaoi (contains homosexual relationships) - Don't like, don't read! You have been warned. Enter at your own risk...

BlackmoonFantasy BlackmoonFantasy Apr 24, 2016
Heh usually it's the other way around, cause fire's known as uncontrollable
DreamlessAshes DreamlessAshes Mar 01, 2016
So basically cryonesis. "Telekinetically manipulate ice" sounds like you don't really know the actual term. So just a little random fact for you.
jbmajzner jbmajzner Apr 24, 2016
I am very glad I stumbled onto this gem of a story on Wattpad :) This was very well written and I enjoyed it immensely. I loved the subtle reveal at the end, and the pacing was perfect. I am voting on this story because it deserves it :)
DreamlessAshes DreamlessAshes Mar 01, 2016
And a pyrokinetic . Those are always fun. I wanna be a pyrokinetic. It'll be so warm and I can burn the people I hate to death.
StarmyuDragon StarmyuDragon Jan 01, 2016
LUV the beginning! Its reaĺly good to start off into the next chapters. Keep up ur work! ;)