The charming biker (Jax Teller Story)

The charming biker (Jax Teller Story)

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golden561 By golden561 Updated Mar 22

A new girl in town name Amethyst Gardner and bad boy Jax Teller fall in love at the craziest time after season 3, the odds are agsinst them as Amethyst is black and Jax is white, she's class and he is an outlaw. But Amethyst is on the run from a mob ex and the feds for a crime she was framed for and Jax at his witts end with a future with Samcro if things don't change or he doesn't become president soon. Can the two odd worlds make their love work or will it go up in flames and be no future for them both.  

I thought i write a interracial Jax Teller love story. There really aren't any of those,  except one,  but it's not a love story. So this starts during season 4,  its going to be a little different from the show all the way to season 7. 

All Rights go to Kurt Sutter to Sons of Anarchy characters. Amethyst and others belong to me.  Enjoy the story.

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