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I'm sorry guys but this is not my thing.

I'm sorry guys but this is not my thing.

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XxMsFaCePaintXx By XxMsFaCePaintXx Completed

I am no longer writing this story anymore, i do not feel anything or making anything for this anymore. It's going to be abandoned but don't get mad at me k? i might do something with it idk or i'll just delete it.

xAshlee_Catex xAshlee_Catex Dec 23, 2016
*takes out match* 
                              Ten hours later
                              *house on fire*
                              Me: I SET FIRE TO THE RAIN, WATCHED IT BURN AS I- *bonnie walks over*
                              Bonnie: Hey Ash-
                              Me: *puts hand on bonnies face* TOUCH YOUR FACE!~~~~
- - Dec 22, 2016
-2 hours later-
                              Me: *reads note again* OH. Its said DONT burn the house down. Woops. *looks up at house on fire* ....welp.
madjono madjono Oct 31, 2016
I thought it said 17 instead of 7 and I started to get really cover ended once I read on. But I checked again and it said 7
HipsterPikachu1134 HipsterPikachu1134 Oct 24, 2016
*burns the house along with freddy* 
                              me: DONT YOU EVER TRY TO SEAL MY BONNIE SEMPAI
- - Dec 22, 2016
I literally just refresh my notification pages over and over roll I get a response to something. I have no life xD
cuz_ima_bird cuz_ima_bird Dec 05, 2016
You should watch Venturiantale (Jordan is pretty hot) he's the one on the face cam