The Alphas Decision (werewolf, boyxboy) *slow updates

The Alphas Decision (werewolf, boyxboy) *slow updates

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~Chris Sander is the soon to be alpha of the Luna pack. He's never gotten along with 'gays' ever in his life. He just finds it....weird. 

Chris' 18 birthday is coming up that means he will find his mate. He promised that once he finds his mate he will cherish HER forever.

~Alex Shawn is the omega of the Luna pack. He gets bullied by the alphas son. He is always questioned what it'd be like once he finds his mate. He also has a huge crush on Chris.

What if once Chris finds out that his mate isn't exactly what he wants.
Will he reject Alex?

(This is my first book it probably won't be that good, but you can try it out if ya want to. Sooo let's get started.)

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emogirl344 emogirl344 May 22
Why can't it be a emo kid. They are so cute and i love them..
Lionblaze34 Lionblaze34 Jul 14
Finally a book where the emo kid isn't being bullied... like tf Wattpad just cuz u emo don't make u weak...
The fact that he's extremely clean in the picture kind of unsettles me tho
JesusWAIT JesusWAIT Feb 02
Finally it's not a emo kid. One more emo  kid and I was going to punch someone in the face so hard nickname Is going to be voldemort for they one.
Are you watching teen wolf cause the two mates are from teen wolf and if you I will share this wattpad story
orkey1226 orkey1226 Aug 05, 2016
Ok, first of all! If I saw this kid CRYING, I would be sobbing from the sadness of it, so Chris is a jerk!!!!