Adopted by Phan

Adopted by Phan

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Literal trash By sparkered Updated Feb 06

Life is hard for a girl who has never meet her parents before, Jazz just turned 13 and she has moved to the 5th orphanage this year. This time she's been moved all the way to UK. 

Jazz has never been adopted before, she has been just been going to orphanage to orphanage because she's always been beaten up by the other girls in the orphanages. When Jazz gets to the UK from the U.S. She goes on a tour of the town with one of the lady's in the orphanage and ends up losing her and getting lost, she ends up walking up to two random strangers and asking if they could help her back not realizing they were Dan and Phil until half way back to the new orphanage with them. Jazz thanks them both and heads up to her new room while Dan and Phil talk to the people who own the orphanage.

The next day Jazz is tolled she's being adopted already.

!Warning ¡there will be thoughts of suicide and there will be cutting .

They're*** (sorry it bothers me soooo much, when people using the wrong they're, there, and their)
And this is me. 
                              Me:*runs down stairs*
                              Me: I'm okay
                              Some random person: no one cares
                              Me: ohh okay 
                              Me: *awkwardly walks up stairs* 
                              Me: *trips* 
                              The cycle starts again 
                              Idek don't ask
If orpanages were this good i would preferably live there i hate my house and my mum never listens to me
Gene-or-Nolan Gene-or-Nolan Dec 14, 2016
See,  I can sort of relate to this because I'm from the US but everyone thinks I transferred from London or England but I'm not,  I'm Irish but people say I sound british