I cheated on my bf with his coach

I cheated on my bf with his coach

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I swear I hated Valentine's Day. 

Even though I had a boyfriend and we've been together for 4 years now something always goes wrong. 

This year is no different and now their fighting. 

They decided to go to a party with all their friends to celebrate winning their game. 

Her boyfriend was the football quarterback the best in this town I might add and he never lets anyone forget it.

 He is by far the most popular and hottest guy in school and I got him. 

I love him a lot but he has changed he's became such a dick anymore.

 He acts like I should bow down to him and I will never do that. 

So here I am walking home in the pouring rain crying my eyes out. 

Once again he thought he would act like god's gift to women and while I went to the bathroom he was grinding with a girl and kissing her.

 When I confronted him he's like it was no big deal stop being a drama queen. 

I'm the drama queen when he threw a fit about me embarrassing him...

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iElkenn iElkenn May 07, 2017
Something isn't right.......  That escalated waaayyy to quickly
emxxly16 emxxly16 Apr 30, 2017
So you call him hooking up with other girls stupidity like it's nothing girl please
shyanne899 shyanne899 Mar 15, 2016
When he said that I would walk out the shower and clap "long BBC Time Yuh fi let, me cut mi lime suh dat mean cut and clear all krosses"
terrababii terrababii Apr 26, 2016
Girl please thats dumb as hell, to stay with him after what he did to you. Makes you look stupid. But thats none of my buisness, sips my tea
Dolanstwinns Dolanstwinns Dec 19, 2016
Don't know why I imagined he being like a fish and jumping on the bed and flapping about 😂😂😂
birdeey birdeey Mar 03, 2017
U kiss someone and she cant get in a car with a guy......boy BYE