Madison's story

Madison's story

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rhfegghiswagyolo By rhfegghiswagyolo Updated Aug 03

~Madison's pov~

I was in my room by myself while all the other girls we're down stairs eating dinner but I couldn't because I got caught sneaking food last night by the head mistress Mrs. Lancaster. She is very mean and when I am supposedly being bad she whips me with her black leather belt. So I layed down on my mattress on the ground and fell asleep thinking about my old life with my mommy and daddy.


I got up and went to the bathroom brushed my teeth and hair nd got dressed in a little while dress I had before I came here since today is adoption day. While everyone was down stairs I was up stairs because no one likes me and I hate getting pushed around.

~ Jesse's pov ~

Today is the day that my husband Shawn and I are adopting a little girl since are only child Brandon is out of the house and is in college and we are lonely by ourselves in our house so we thought of bringing life back our big home. So Shawn and I got into my Kia and drove to sunshine orphanag...

BooKNLove BooKNLove Jan 15
Just pointing it out, she would be really sick of her mom breastfeed her and did drugs at the same time...