bite me; remus lupin [discontinued]

bite me; remus lupin [discontinued]

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this is stupid By irradiated Updated Nov 22, 2016

"so kiss me on the mouth 

and set me free

but please don't bite"


in which james's sister is mates with a werewolf

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I was so confused at why every was saying stuff about irony and then I realized 
                              What a great Superfan I am
Master-Of-Sarcasm Master-Of-Sarcasm Jun 22, 2017
I have a younger sister, she's the absolute fking devil... And she's right next to me
oof rereading bc iconic but i found out my wand is the same as remus’s except for the flexibility
Ravenclaw_Weirdo Ravenclaw_Weirdo Jun 02, 2017
My first thought was like: oh God. Xdddd
                              Then:   ... No...pls no xddd
Magical-writer Magical-writer Jul 17, 2017
Why does this remind me of Pietro Maximoff,even James(imagined) and him look the same😱
Drops_of_Creativty Drops_of_Creativty Jun 11, 2017
How can black be a dark black when it's already dark enough, SOMONE explain