bite me; remus lupin [on hold]

bite me; remus lupin [on hold]

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they call me crybaby By SharkBaitH00HaHa Updated Nov 22

"so kiss me on the mouth 

and set me free

but please don't bite"

I can't even count on my hands and toes how many times that sh*ts happened to me. Smh 😂
how does a healing spell go so wrong, that you end up setting someone on FIRE.
How do you screw up a healing spell so bad it sets someone on fire? That is clearly a talent.
orange_411 orange_411 May 20
This is exactly what my dad said to my brother when he got a paper cut
Hm gee, wonder why that sounds familiar *glares at older twin brothers*
Mushymiso Mushymiso Jun 18
When your dad sets your brother on fire: best day of your life